These Incredible 12-Year-Olds Dancers On 'Ellen' Turn Down For What With Heart-Stopping Hip-Hop Dance Moves — VIDEO

Some days, you wake up and you feel like there might be no end to how many incredible child dancers Ellen gets on her show, but she's done it again. This time it's Lucky and A.C. (Lucky Aces), 12-year-old hip hop dancers busting out serious moves to Lil Jon's "Turn Down For What" on The Ellen Show . The pair of tiny dancers are from Vancouver, Canada, and if you thought you'd already seen the best of what pre-pubescent dancers could do, well, you were sorely mistaken. Lucky Aces dance with such conviction it seems like one or all of their limbs could fly off at any time. Not to mention how incredible it is to see little kids with more attitude than you've got in your pinky finger.

Watching these two has made me seriously think about quitting my day job (note to my editor: not really, just being dramatic), so I can practice dancing all day and then make it to Ellen's stage. Although I'm sure a thirty-something doing this dance wouldn't be half as impressive as these 12-year-olds, so maybe I've missed my window. There's part of me that's actually mad at my mother for not being some crazy dance mom, and just being regular and making me do homework instead of becoming some kind of child prodigy. I mean:


Watch the full performance below:

And now that your mind is already blown by children dancing, it's probably a good time to get into a procrastination hole of watching other kids dance like experts on Ellen. Here are some of my favorites:

1. 11-year-old Taylor, whom I could sit and watching videos of dancing all day

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2. 3-year-old Heaven, who is absolutely heavenly, obviously

3. 8-year-old Aidan Xiong who loves Usher as much as I do

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4. The smallest world champion salsa dancers you will ever see

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5. 4-year-old mini Michael Jackson

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