'Game of Throne's Writers Pen 'It's Always Sunny' Episode, But What If It Was the Other Way Around?

If you think the gang has gone to some dark sadistic places, just wait until Wednesday night’s episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. It’s been written by the folks behind Game of Thrones, David Benioff and D. B. Weiss. That’s right, television’s most depraved comedy and most violent/naked drama have joined forces. How exactly did this mash-up happen? According to an interview with the New York Times, the GoT writers were fans of the show and Always Sunny’s Rob McElhenney is “a sadist and likes to watch drama writers crash and burn.” Sure, it takes a lot of talent to adapt an epic book series with intricate intertwining plotlines… but it takes a special talent to invent something like Kitten Mittens. Oh man, we can’t wait to see where this episode goes.

It seems like an unlikely pairing, but then, when you come to think of it the shows do share a few key themes: Scheming parents, unnatural sibling love (Dee and Dennis never go as far as Cersei and Jaime,but they certainly meddle), violence (gun-happy & karate-happy vs stab-happy and torture-happy), and yelling, ever so much yelling. Here at Bustle, we’d like to see what might happen if the tables turned and the Always Sunny gang took a crack at some past GoT episodes. Here’s our look at the mash-up that is It’s Always Sunny in Westeros.

'Winter is Coming' or 'Mac Catches the McPoyles'

Mac suspects some weird brother/sister love in their sworn enemies the McPoyle's. So obviously he schemes to catch them in the act. As Charlie warns, "You are dancing with the entire McPoyle Family. These people are freak shows, man...freaks." So Mac climbs the McPoyle family tower to see what can't be unseen, and then he totally gets pushed out of the window.

'Cripples, Bastards, and Broken Things' or 'Charlie Joins the Wall'

Mac is obviously a little more prepared to join the night watch, he knows karate. Charlie on the other hand, well, it'll take more than a little bit of training to keep up. We think he can handle it though, he's shared a bed with Frank after all.

'Fire and Blood' or 'Dee Finds a Dragon'

She's a queen god damn it! Why is no one paying attention to her? You know what a-holes? Fine. Just fine. She's got a dragon now. THAT'S RIGHT A DRAGON. This is payback for the stand-up prank. Go suck on a milksteak.

'Blackwater' or 'The Gang Goes Slaying'

They've been preparing (read:drinking) for months and the time for battle is finally upon them. Paddy's must defend their turf against the evil McPoyles. There will be blood shed. And possibly beers spilled.

'Walk of Punishment' or 'Dennis Loses His Right Hand'

"Look, Frank has a lot of money, okay? If you just let us go, he will pay you handsomely for it. Okay?"

Nice try, Dennis. You can't use the DENNIS system to charm your way out of being held captive in the Riverlands. Bye, bye hand. But hey, at least you can still sing. And the captors didn't harm your face.

'The Rains of Castamere/ The Red Wedding' or 'The Gang Gets Stabbed'

Okay, so we know the gang are pretty terrible people. But geez writers, did you really have to kill EVERYONE?