'Price Is Right' Model Accidentally Gives Free Car To Contestant In The Actual Best Game Show Fail Ever — VIDEO

Have you ever wished that you were on the Price Is Right and could just win a new car with very little effort? Well, that's exactly what happened on Thursday when a Price Is Right model revealed the correct price for a car that a contestant was trying to win during a game. The car in question was a sedan, and the model in question was named Manuela Arbelaez, whose enthusiasm for the game shouldn't be looked upon as a fail. In fact, I think we should all be hailing Manuela as an American hero. She knows how hard the struggle is to get a new car. She's been there, and she didn't want this poor contestant to have to go there as well. Or, as evidenced by the fact that she tried to hide after realizing her mistake, maybe it was a total, hilarious accident.

All the contestant had to do was guess the correct price of the car in order to win it, but Manuela accidentally revealed the correct price to, well, everyone. I completely relate to the way her face completely melted into horror when she realized what she had done. “Congratulations,” Drew Carey told the contestant. “Manuela just got you a car!” Meanwhile, poor Manuela was busy hiding her face in shame as a shocked and amused audience applauded.

Luckily, aside from the contestant winning the car without actually winning the game, no one suffered any negative effects of this amazing fail. Manuela herself got on Twitter to assure viewers that it was all good.

I have seen quite a few game show fails over the years, from Family Feud to Jeopardy to Wheel of Fortune, but this Price Is Right disaster is definitely making my top ten. Now I dream of a day when I, too, can make it onto the show and have the answer to the question revealed to me. Hell, can we start an entire segment based around handing out cars to contestants? Oprah did it, and look how popular her show was!

Check out the hilarious moment below.

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Image: YouTube