Hustler Hollywood Says To Stop Vegetable Abuse And Try A Sex Toy Instead, Because Your Cucumbers Deserve Better

With its seductive panoply of phallic edibles gleaming under fluorescent lights, the supermarket can be an erotic treasure trove. But while those cucumbers, radishes and squash may look seductive, Hustler Hollywood wants you to stop vegetable abuse and try a real sex toy instead. The California sex shop is putting out a series of funny SFW videos to raise awareness about veggies that are ripped from the salad bowl too soon. They believe nature's candy should be saved from improper use, and that women everywhere should purchase a much longer-lasting silicone or glass pleasure object instead.

Although this campaign is just a joke, I personally think "natural" dildos are a great idea. With proper cleaning, you can masturbate with zero waste. In fact, it seems like the most environmentally more-than-friendly thing to do. First, wash the zucchini (preferably with a pesticide remover — I can't imagine how much damage that could do to your lady parts), then pleasure yourself with the zucchini, then wash again, then slice and bread for zucchini fries! It's truly a beautiful cycle of use and re-use. And if you're the type who doesn't usually notice an organic or pesticide-free label, this might be just the inspiration you need to really think about the kinds of foods you're uh, taking in.

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