A 'Muppet Show' Reboot May Be In The Works & These 9 Reasons Are Proof It Should Definitely Return

The reboots keep on rebooting. According to The Hollywood Reporter, it's possible that The Muppet Show will be rebooted, thanks to The Big Bang Theory's co-creator Bill Prady. Prady is reportedly co-writing the pilot for ABC that "could be unspooled at May's upfront presentation to Madison Avenue advertisers" and "could go straight to series," sources tell The Hollywood Reporter. The Muppet Show has been in retirement since 1981, Vulture reports, but the recent success of Muppets Most Wanted allegedly made it clear to ABC executives that audiences still love the Muppets, and that a full-fledged series might be able to cash in on the throwback trend.

According to Vulture, the only thing we know for sure about the new Muppets series so far — if it happens — is that the plot will follow a show-within-a-show type structure. The story will "reportedly involve all the major characters 'gathering at ABC Studios for a meeting about the new Muppet Show, however, the show won't move forward unless Miss Piggy signs on.'"

Nostalgia factor aside, there are so many reasons that bringing back The Muppet Show is an excellent idea, first and foremost being that animated puppets will never stop being funny. But, of course, The Muppet Show isn't just about puppets doing silly puppet things: The show covers a lot of ground and relevant topics, and in case you forgot, here's why The Muppet Show is the show TV needs right now.

1. It's a show about arts, and high-brow cultural critique:

Only better, because puppets!

2. And science:

The more you know.

3. And culinary arts:

It included a ton of accurate cooking demos, really.

4. And friendship:

Beautiful puppet friendships.

5. And love:


6. Also, because Miss Piggy is the most relatable character on TV:

She gets it.

7. It included some amazing beauty tips:

And Joan Rivers was a guest!

8. It's a show about self-acceptance:


9. Celebrities love it:

So, obvs, there will probably be tons of fun guest appearances on the new show.

Images: Scott Garfield (1); Giphy (9)