'The Grace Helbig Show' Is Just Like Watching Grace On YouTube, Except On TV

Being that I've spent the past few years being obsessed with Grace Helbig from the comfort of my own YouTube account, it's crazy to think that on Friday night, the entire world has now been exposed to her perfect hair and awesome sense of humor via her new E! talk show, The Grace Helbig Show. Between her first celeb guest, Aisha Tyler, and the fact that she's filming from the cutest, trendiest house ever, I had high expectations for the first episode, and I'm happy to announce that I was not disappointed. And, as it turns out, the premiere of The Grace Helbig Show brought YouTube to TV in the best possible way.

Because honestly? Had it not been for the E! logo in the bottom corner of the screen and the super high quality production, I would've just assumed that I was watching another one of Helbig's YouTube videos. All of the best parts of her channel were incorporated into the show, packing an internet-fueled humor punch. Videos and tweets from her fans, imported homemade vids about cute dogs and clumsy people doing funny things, and even guest appearances from her friends and fellow YouTube stars like Mamrie Hart and Flula Borg all made it clear that this show is based in their internet reality. And why not? It's worked for her for so many years, so I'm glad to see E! didn't try to fix what wasn't broken.

And through it all, Helbig stayed true to what makes her so lovable. Her self-deprecating sense of humor and relatable quality are definitely going to be what draws in and keeps new fans, and it's clear that E! is relying on her loyal fanbase to keep the show afloat — in the beginning, at least.

The show's only drawback: Anyone who hasn't stayed tuned to Daily Grace and It's Grace over the years might find that a lot of Helbig's jokes — especially when BFF Hart is around — fly right over their heads, but after enough episodes have aired, I'm sure her new, wider audience will quickly catch on. And as someone who does get the jokes, I hope the audience does catch on, because it makes the experience of watching the show like catching up with your oldest friends.

And by the way, huge props to whoever was responsible for the wooden poop Emoji hanging on the back wall of the Grace Helbig Show house. A+, set designers. A+.

Image: Brian Bowen Smith/ E! Entertainment