7-Year-Old Faith Lennox Reacts to Using Her Prosthetic Arm for the First Time, and It's the Happiest Thing You'll See All Day

If you just woke up from your Friday night shenanigans hating life, I've got a remedy for you: 7-year-old Faith Lennox used her pink and purple prosthetic arm for the first time, and her reaction is sure to cure your hangover blues. So strap in your feels because we're going for a ride. Also, as a side note, technology is amazing and if this prosthetic arm is any indication, I don't think it will be too long until we're all driving flying cars.

People reported that Faith lost the bottom part of her left arm when she was only nine months old because of a blood flow issue that happened at birth. Up until now, she hadn't used a prosthetic because she didn't like how clunky they were. But thanks to the California-based company, Build It Workspace, Faith was given a new, totally cool pink and purple prosthetic arm, which she calls her "Robohand."

Build It Workspace has been around for less than a year, but they use 3D printers to make a variety of small industrial products, like car parts, and are now branching out into prosthetics. Here's the crazy part: Faith's robohand was manufactured overnight, and it only cost $50 to make. $50! I spent more than that at ASOS ordering bathing suits! It's especially amazing considering some prosthetic limbs can cost as much as $20,000, and that's not even taking into account the fact that kids Faith's age tend to outgrow their devices once or twice a year. See what I mean about technology being incredible?

The Associated Press videotaped Faith using her robohand for the first time, and you can check it out below. Spoiler alert: she loves it.

Associated Press on YouTube

Image: Imgur