20 Mother's Day Gifts For Friends Who Are Moms, Because They Deserve To Be Pampered

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Of all the holidays throughout the year, Mother's Day might be the most important. These women bring life into the world! They create little human beings and hopefully raise them to become functioning members of society — that's a pretty big deal. You've probably already picked up a few Mother's Day gifts for your own mom to thank her for putting up with you all these years and sharing her words of wisdom, but why not spread the love and pamper other moms you know? This year, buy an awesome gift for a friend who's rocking motherhood.

Your friend probably spends most of her money on kid stuff these days, so she'll totally appreciate a present that's just for her. Whether she's a yogi, a wine lover, or a fashionista, you'll find the perfect present for any mom you know in this gift guide.

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