14 Easter Manicures That Rule

Whether or not you actually acknowledge or partake in the festivities, now’s as good a time as any for Easter manicure inspiration. After all, the holiday is tomorrow. While you take advantage of a lull in work emails and responsibilities, grab a magazine and a couple bottles of polish and do your thing. Because "treat yo self," and also because baby animals and soft color palettes are the bee’s knees.

Your nails needn’t be an extension of any affiliation with the actual consumerism surrounding this weekend (unless you’re a binge buyer of nail polish, in which case I’ll pray for you). Let them be whatever you want them to be. Allow this blog to be your springboard of inspiration and then let your hair down and go crazy with some individuality.In last year’s roundup of Easter-themed nail art, Bustle's Sara Tan correctly wrote, “You don’t have to dress in head-to-toe pastels or don a pair of bunny ears to really get into the Easter spirit this week.” And let me reiterate that you don’t even have to actually do Easter to reap the beauty benefits of trending styles.

Take a look below for some of our favorite ‘gramed nail jams. And before you dive in, here’s a puppy video to get you in the mood:

Alright, here we go (in no particular order):

1. Chick & Bunny

2. Accent Nail

3. Wild Pastels

Admittedly a little ambitious for my taste, but live your best life.

4. Peep Peep

5. Bunny Hop

6. Mash Up

7. Sweet Thumbs

8. Zig-Zag

9. Just The Ears

10. Bugs Bunny

11. Black And Bling

I want any facet of my life to be even half as fabulous as this manicure.

12. Carrots

13. Pastel Glitter

14. Glam

Happy painting!

Image: asialis/Instagram