'Mad Men' By Numbers Video Proves Don Draper Hasn't Bedded As Many Women As You Thought — VIDEO

The final seven episodes of AMC's Mad Men are upon us and lots of fans are wondering how it's going to end. They'll hopefully answer all your burning questions, tie up loose ends, and featuring what we've come to expect from Mad Men — lots of alcohol, cigarettes, and Don Draper (played by Jon Hamm) getting into trouble with the ladies. AMC just released a video called "Mad Men By The Numbers," counting all of the Emmy-winning drama series' boozy and smoky sins — and surprisingly, Don hasn't slept with as women as you might have thought.

The video reveals that more than 900 cigarettes have been smoked by the likes of Don, Peggy Olson, Joan Holloway, Roger Sterling, and Sally Draper throughout the course of the series. That's not too surprising, considering the the first moments of the show's pilot episode are filled with Don's cigarette smoke. Mad Men is also famous for its characters consuming copious amounts of alcohol, especially at the office. The AMC video tells us that the Sterling Cooper crew has poured 369 drinks — just in the office itself.

Most surprising of all is that Don has only slept with 18 women — on-screen, anyway. Does it feel like way more than 18 over the course of seven seasons? I mean, it felt like he was bedding a new woman every episode for awhile there, but AMC says that's not true. I looked into it and this Entertainment Tonight list of Don's lady loves confirms it. The video also shows that Don has been through nine secretaries (including Peggy and his to-be-wife-then-ex Megan Draper), more than 10 punches have been thrown, and four slaps, well, slapped.

Perhaps the most important stat of all, though, is that Mad Men has won four consecutive Emmys for Outstanding Drama Series.

Watch the full video below.

Image: Frank Ockenfels 3/AMC