Kanye West & Kim Kardashian's Relationship by the Numbers

Have you heard? Kanye West proposed to Kim Kardashian last night. Of course you've heard. This glorious news has been kind of impossible to avoid today. I know I'm pleased as punch about the announcement. I adore Kimye. I have no shame. A baseball field proposal is the last Kimye proposal scenario I'd ever expect, but then again, Kanye is an unpredictable guy. It'd be too obvi had he popped the question during LA Fashion Week or, I don't know, on a space ship to the moon. Keep 'em guessing forever, Mr. West.

As a self-proclaimed Kimye expert/shipper/uber fan, I am honored to present you with the most important Kim and Kanye facts. Without further ado, here is Kimye by the numbers:

1 phones dropped from my hands when I read Kanye proposed

350 (est.) leather skirts owned by the pair

2 hands clapped together when I found out Kim and Kanye were expecting a baby last winter

3 previous engagements between the two

1 babies named North

2 milkshakes in Kim's honor

0 milkshakes in Kanye's honor

15 carat ring

1 songs called "Cold", formerly known as "Theraflu"

2 times I've watched the Kanye interview on Kris

1 dearly departed kittens named Mercy

6 hours I spent laughing about "I Hit It First"

4 seats in the front row occupied by Kim, Kanye, Jay Z, and Beyonce at the 2012 BET Awards

1 bag of popcorn eaten by yours truly at the Los Angeles Watch the Throne concert

862 times I'd sit through a Kimye wedding special