Kendall Went To Church Half Naked

I know she's a supermodel and all, but is this outfit really appropriate for church? Kendall Jenner wore a crop top to church on Easter, and as gorgeous as her body is, it was arguably a whole bunch of disrespectful. Who let her leave the house like this?

Kendall, along with her mom Kris, sisters Khloe, Kourtney, Kylie, and Kim, Kanye, and North celebrated Easter Sunday together by going to church in West Hills, and though the rest of the family was (fairly) tastefully dressed, Kendall must has been confused as to what their destination was, because she looked like she was going to the beach. The 19-year-old model wore a cream colored halter crop top with white gaucho pants, and some pretty fierce lace-up gold heels. Though the pants were fine, and actually pretty chic, her top was just one big question mark. Her stomach was completely exposed, which is just a tad inappropriate for church.

For any other occasion, an Easter lunch, perhaps, it would have been model-off-duty loveliness, but unfortunately, the inappropriateness outshines any style statement she was trying to make. And for future reference, when Kim is more covered up than you, you've probably stepped way too far over the line.

Images: Getty Images; amourDaee/Twitter