This Math Teacher Pranked His Students In The Nerdiest, Greatest Way Possible — VIDEO

There’s no better way for a professor to wake up his or her students than by showing a sense of humor in the classroom. Matthew Weathers is an Assistant Professor in the Math and Computer Science Department at Biola University in La Miranda, California. On April Fools’ Day this year, this awesome math teacher pranked his students in a hilarious way that involved him having a showdown...with himself. This isn’t the first time that Weathers has used his computer skills to trick his students; his YouTube channel has a bunch of videos of him interacting with projected versions of himself, which makes him, probably, the most fun math prof ever.

The video begins with what seems to be a normal day in class, with Weathers using a projection of his computer desktop to show notes and videos. He tells students that they can refer to one of his videos if they’re confused. Playing the video in question, he realizes that the whole thing is backward, and apologizes to his class, saying, “That’s really embarrassing.” Things suddenly take an unexpected turn when the man in the video – Weathers himself – turns suddenly and says, “I’m embarrassing you? Why don’t you come over here and say that to my face?” The two versions of the professor, one real and the other projected, begin to fight, and hilarity, as they say, ensues.


Eventually the real professor gets pulled into the screen, too, and the video-prof begins pelting him with icons. In a clever touch, the Google Chrome icon actually gets thrown out of the screen. How much fun is that?


Watch the whole thing below, and be sad that Weathers isn’t your teacher:

Matthew Weathers on YouTube

Images: YouTube (3)