The White House Easter Egg Roll Was Pretty Weird This Year & These Silly Photos Make That All Too Obvious

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No one should be surprised to hear that Capitol Hill hosted a strange but lovable — but strange — gathering on their grounds. It wouldn't be the first time, and it certainly won't be the last as long as Congress continues to meet to do whatever it is they do. But aside from the shenanigans of the Senate and the House, the president took some time off today to get back in touch with the people. How, you may ask? By getting down and dirty with 35,000 people at the 137th annual Easter Egg Roll at the White House, where he continued the time-honored traditions of hunting for Easter eggs, making weird faces, and having awkward encounters with small, strangely athletic children.

The Easter Egg Roll is definitely a weird event in and of itself. The term "roll" is antiquated by now, and most people whom I've talked with about this year's gathering were confused about why I seemed to be mispronouncing the word "hunt" so dramatically. No, I'm not profoundly confused or experiencing aphasia — they really do roll eggs across the South Lawn of the White House every year on Easter Monday. As if that weren't charmingly obsolete enough, the Obamas always take it up a notch by adding their own flair to the festivities, and this year was especially interesting.

Michelle Obama took her Let's Move! initiative to a whole new level, displaying way more coordinated synchronized dancing than any boy band in recent memory. And the president fulfilled his duty to be captured in lots of odd photos where he might not be aware that he is being photographed from that angle. Here are eight of the best pictures that show what went on — or what seemed to be happening, anyway — at this year's Easter Egg Roll.

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