Chris Soules Dedicated His 'Dancing With The Stars' Performance To Whitney Bischoff & It Was A Super Romantic Gesture

On Monday, Chris Soules dedicated his Dancing With the Stars performance to his fiancée Whitney Bischoff. The Bachelor star named his time on the show as his most memorable experience because it's when he got his second chance at love. "If I've learned one thing from this last year it's that anything is possible," Chris said. "It was kind of a long road but I do feel like I've found the love of my life."

He and partner Witney Carson danced a sweet rumba to “The Book of Love.” It was a nod to a classic Bachelor date: string lights everywhere, a live guitarist, and a romantic dance between two. It was a really sweet for Chris to say his time meeting Whitney was the most memorable of his life. She, of course, was in the audience watching and gave him a huge hug when the number was done.

Unfortunately for Chris and both W(h)itneys, the judges didn't exactly love the number. Chris has been kind of hit or miss this season. Although he's definitely improving, he's still pretty middle of the pack thus far. This week he scored a mediocre 27 out of 40. Not great, but not terrible either. The biggest problem the judges seemed to have was with the lack of chemistry between Chris and his partner. "We can't enjoy ourselves if you're not," said Carrie Ann Inaba.

I don't blame Chris for not wanting to get super close to another Witney while his fiancée is watching, but it's kind of crucial for them to have good chemistry to succeed in the competition. After all, they can't sell a romantic number if they don't look like they're in love.

But while the judges may not have loved what Chris had to offer, Whitney Bischoff couldn't have looked any prouder. And for Chris, that's the most important opinion of all.

Image: Rick Rowell/ABC