Reactions To Jeff Ross' Paul Walker Joke From The Justin Bieber Roast Show Viewers Have A Wide Range Of Opinions

It may have been over a year since Paul Walker died, but it's not something that his fans, his friends, and his family have forgotten. Especially with the recent release of Furious 7 , Walker's sudden and tragic death is still fresh in many people's minds, which means it's not surprising that not everybody is laughing at jokes made at Walker's expense. The worst of it? Comedian Jeff Ross' Paul Walker joke at Justin Bieber's Roast, which was technically aimed at fellow roaster, Ludacris, but didn't go over so well. In fact, it went over so poorly that it didn't make it to the final broadcast, and more than a week after the roast initially aired, people are still talking about the Walker joke that never was.

In case you missed it when early reports of the roast started rolling in after it was filmed — and consider yourself lucky if you did miss it, because it's in pretty poor taste — Ross' joke went like this:

"Move bitch, get out of the way!" is what Paul Walker should’ve told that tree. Too soon? Too fast? Too furious?

Obviously, Comedy Central roasts are known for pushing the boundaries of what comedy should be, so obviously, everyone went into this knowing that certain jokes were going to hit below the belt. But was it seriously necessary to bring Walker into this, especially as part of a joke aimed at Ludacris, his friend and Fast & Furious cast mate? That seems to be the debate, and Twitter has had a lot to say about the joke, and whether they think Ludacris, who disapproved of the joke, was overreacting or not.

Clearly, not everyone has the same concerns, but considering Ludacris, one of Walker's close friends didn't approve, it seems like leaving the joke out was probably for the best.