Add "Pulls Off Braided Pigtails" To Bey's Resume

I’d pretty much given up on anyone ever being able to pull off braided pigtails, aside from, like, 3 year olds, you know? But, of course, leave it to Beyoncé to go and change my mind. Based on a clip posted to IG, her “Die With You” video style is laid back and awesome. She goes without makeup, wears a backwards hat with a baggy t-shirt and oh, did I mention, she works some braided pigtails?

It almost makes me want to try the look out for myself. Not everyone’s Beyoncé, so I probably won’t. But that won’t stop me from admiring this style on her. The singer's long honey-tined tresses are just the right amount of messy and put together to totally pull this off. And I’m super envious!

As if the lyrics to “Die With You” weren't enough of an exclamation of her love for Jay-Z, the comfort level the two share in the up close and personal video surely is. Because who needs make-up when you’re that in love? Or that gorgeous. The two are comfortable together, and it is beyond sweet.

This isn’t the first time the queen’s gone au naturel, though. She actually does it quite a lot, which is part of the reason why I so admire her. I mean, she’s real, and you gotta appreciate that.

Check out the little teaser video to see what I mean about those braids:

So good, right?

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