Catherine Lowe Designs A T-Shirt for A Good Cause

Sean and Catherine Lowe are your fave The Bachelor couple for many reasons, and now you're about to love them even more. Catherine Lowe announced a clothing project that benefits a great cause. Fashionable and charitable? Uhh, sign me up! The Lowes seem to have the perfect relationship — they are supportive of one another, quirky and fun, and they love to eat (at least according to Instagram). Silliness and food in equal measure? Sounds like a well-balanced relationship to me. And now you can incorporate all of that loveable zaniness into your wardrobe, thanks to Catherine Lowe, herself!

Teaming with the Two Feet Project, a charity designed to aid Kenyan youth through sports programs, Catherine’s created a t-shirt that is ridiculously adorable. The t-shirt’s design features one of my favorite things — a salted pretzel, to be more specific — and the words “Twist And Shout.” He he. Get it? I love a good pun from time to time.

Since this tee is all about promoting sports, it’s great to wear to the gym... or lounge around in while watching Netflix. Hey, either way, you’re supporting a good cause. Go you!

The shirt is available for a limited time only, and 100% of the proceeds go directly to the Two Feet Project. So, hurry and scoop on up from You’ve got 13 days and 6 hours left, but who’s counting?

Image: Represent