Did Kylie Jenner Pierce Her Nipples?

What news we’ve had in the Kardashian sphere this week! And yet another to add to our growing list of factoids relating to our overlords: Kylie Jenner might have pierced her nipple. “What! But she’s like, a teenager,” you may be thinking. Teenager’s have done much crazier things, and Kylie is currently the owner of a $2.7 million mansion. It is my personal philosophy that any person who owns his or her house may have jurisdiction over his or her nipple.

Kylie has had the media all abuzz recently after joining snapchat under the handle “kylizzlemynizzl” (because of course). People reports that the teen has been snapping pictures of her new body jewelry recently, but the real spark of their curiosity was a photo captioned, “New jewelry in other secret areas.” She wore a sweatshirt and stuck her arm behind her head as she sometimes does.This is all very exciting for the Internet, of course. Given Jenner’s recent documentation of her impending adulthood, the media has had much to say about her evolution. So where possibly could these hidden body modifications be?! What part of her body with a semi-permanent hole is she hiding from the world?!

Here’s an answer: It doesn’t matter.