Buy These Temporary Tats Designed By A 16-Year-Old

I wish I could’ve had a social media platform like Instagram, Twitter or Facebook when I was sixteen, like young teen artist Amanda Glickman, who was scouted based off the art she posted on her Instagram account. Now, Glickman and Stoney Clover Lane have released a set of cartoon-y fun temporary tattoos, just in time for Coachella! Her doodles are perfect for the carefree and fun vibes of spring and summer, all of which are showcased in the collection of 20 temporary tattoos, along with three bracelet tattoos.

If you're looking for a way to spruce up your look for the warmer, upcoming months and don't want to invest in an entire new wardrobe, Stoney Clover Lane has got you covered with these whimsical tattoos. They remind me a lot of the emojis that I send my friends on my phone, but way cuter and better designed. From a cartoony slice of pepperoni pizza that could be straight out of Doug, to unicorns and flamingos, Glickman’s tattoo designs are the perfect festival accessory. (Is anyone else still in shock that a teenager was behind these incredible tats?!)

I’m particularly loving the bracelet tats and I can definitely picture myself wearing them layered under some festival arm candy and bling.

You can snag one sheet for $12 from Stoney Clover Lane’s website under their festival category.

And to see more of Amanda Glickman's incredible art and doodles, follow her on Instagram here.

Image: amandaglickman/Instagram; Stoney Clover Lane