Ylvis' "The Fox" Follow-Up Is In Celebration of America's 14th Biggest State

It's officially official: Ylvis is here to stay. First, they taught us all the sounds that small woodland creatures make in "The Fox," and now — in their first new release since that song became an undeniable Internet hit — they've moved across the pond. More specifically, Ylvis is now in Massachusetts, and they're loving it.

So what is it about "Massachusetts" that Ylvis loves so much? Well, seemingly everything. It's an undiscovered paradise the likes of which New York or California have never witnessed. "I can't believe this place is real!" they exclaim. "Can't describe the way I feel!"

Our favorite parts? Well, there's the unexpected infusion of African influence and the celebration of Nelson Mandela. Then there's the gay subplot, in which Vegard Ylvisåker (he's the brunette one, his brother Bård is the blondie who sang lead in "The Fox") resists the temptation of a burly greying middle-aged man. But this is Massachusetts! You can be as gay as you want in Massachusetts!

After this video, we're thinking Massachusetts should probably write Ylvis a great big thank you card for all the free advertising the state is getting. What better way to get people to come to your state than by making it a pleasant meme?

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