Rachel Zoe Due To Have A Second Child, Bring On the Baby Couture

Rachel Zoe is pregnant again. This is exciting for the worlds of fashion and babies, and fashionable babies, given that her son is the most well-dressed 2-year-old ever. He makes Zuma Rossdale look like he shops at Walmart, and Zuma is pretty darn stylish. So all fashionistas under five (who can also read if they're seeing this, probably a small category), get excited, because you will have a new infant icon to look to for the hottest baby Balenciaga and kiddy Kenzo creations. Just think, you'll look like the cute, female version of this:

Not such a bad thing. Personally, I hope it's a girl, if only because I want to see how many different things Zoe can put her in that make me upset they don't come in my size. I'd say that this is also an exciting opportunity for mothers-to-be to pick up some dressing-for-pregnancy tips, but given that Zoe dresses like she's six months pregnant all the time... just refer to her everyday style, ladies. Let the countdown to our newest celebaby begin! May the odds be ever in their favor.