Check Out Justin Bieber's Precious Golf Ensemble

When it comes to Justin Bieber’s #OOTDs, if he’s not shirtless (which admittedly is like 50% of the time), he can usually be found dressed in street-style outfits with his snapbacks, moto jackets, dark denim, and high tops. But the latest Biebs spotting was in Hawaii and he was nearly unrecognizable. Why? Because Justin Bieber was dressed in golf attire. Not only was he just wearing a golf outfit, he was playing a round, too! According to The Cut, Bieber was at a golf course on the beautiful island and was “loudly advertising his birdie.”

Even if the get-up was just to hide his identity, I have to be completely honest — Bieber looked pretty adorable in his golf outfit. I feel like he’s been busy portraying himself like a grown man that it was easy to forget that he's just entered his twenties. But seeing him in a large polo, compression socks, navy shorts, and a bright neon orange trucker hat with his signature Bieber hair curling out was a nice reminder that this ex-Pop sensation still has a youthful side.

As he was out playing a round of golf, The Cut stated that he was "perfecting his most dramatic swing" and "learning to drive a golf cart" on top of being super proud of his impressive birdie. I guess we shouldn't be too surprised if we start seeing more of the Biebs out on the golf course.

Check out his outfit for yourself below: