This Medley of Disney Songs Sung A Cappella Is Stunning

Before you even think of hitting play, there's something you should know about this video: It was created only with the human voice. There is no musical backing, no instruments, nothing — just two people recreating a bunch of classic Disney songs a cappella and some probably very expensive recording equipment. The result, of course, is nothing short of amazing and unreal.

YouTube vocalist Peter Hollens collaborated with online singer AlexG to create this video, which features the duo singing every song from The Lion King's "Circle of Life" to The Beauty and the Beast's "Tale As Old As Time" pretty perfectly. Especially the Zulu-language opening lines of "Circle of Life" — like, damn, that dude's got some pipes.

If you haven't already clicked play by now, you should also know that this video will also give you a lot of feelings, strong feelings. You think that just because you're all grown up now and have a job or are in school or something, that Beauty and the Beast song won't still affect you, but before you can even blink, there it goes... it's already got its iron grip on your heart. Ugh.

You can check out the video below.

Peter Hollens on YouTube