Crush Hard On The Coco Crush Jewelry Line

If you love Chanel’s signature quilted bags then you’re going to love their latest jewelry line. The launch of this line is called Coco Crush and it includes a total of six new pieces of jewelry. The best part? Chanel’s promotional video for Coco Crush—it's trippy and mesmerizing, but in the coolest way possible. The video features a lot of quick cuts, which make images appear and disappear to the beat of the music.

It features a beautiful hand with long fingers modeling the rings and bracelets from the line. The hand takes us on a fun journey through a cootie catcher that unfolds a series of quilted themed objects, foods, and patterns. From crossword puzzles that spell out Coco Crush to airplanes that are criss-crossing each other’s paths to create quilted condensation trails in the sky, the video leads us to the final flap on the cootie catcher which unveils the gold and chunky quilted ring.

Coco Crush will be releasing their cuff bracelet, chunky ring, and thin banded ring soon, all of which will be available in white or yellow gold. Chanel boutiques will release them worldwide by the end of April, but the United States is going to have to wait until 2016.

Check out the video below:

Video: Chanel/YouTube