3 Reportedly Dead After Milan Courthouse Shooting

Police and a top court official told Reuters a shooting took place in a Milan courthouse on Thursday after a man opened fire inside. Three people have been reported dead, including court judge Fernando Ciampi, according to Giovanni Canzio, chairman of the appeals court. Canzo said the suspected gunman was a defendant in a bankruptcy case and began shooting at a courtroom's entrance.

Another person killed was lawyer Lorenzo Alberto Claris Appiani, according to Italian news agency Ansa. A third victim did not appear to have been struck by gunfire and may have died from a heart attack, the news outlet said. Two others were reportedly injured, including one who was in critical condition.

Ansa is reporting the gunman's identity as Claudio Giardiello. The shooter was at large inside the Palace of Justice for around an hour before he was caught attempting to flee on motorbike, according to Interior Minister Angelino Alfano. How the man brought the gun inside is unknown since visitors must pass through metal detectors before entering the courthouse. The courthouse is located in the central part of Milan near the Italian city's cathedral.