Ryan Gosling Gets A Text During An Interview & He Doesn't Write Back "Hey Girl," That's For Sure — PHOTOS

Even the most charming, handsome men in the world can get embarrassed. Case in point: Ryan Gosling got a text during his interview with BBC Breakfast and was so flustered that he threw his phone across the room. Unfortunately he didn't have a silly text ringtone — though I was really hoping it would be a Justin Timberlake song — but it shows us that everyone forgets to silence their phone once in a while. "Oh my god. I'm sorry 'bout that," Gosling immediately said to the interviewer. "I'm ashamed. You're being really kind about it."

Instead of asking if the text said "hey girl," the reporter instead questioned how Gosling would react if someone's phone went off in the middle of filming Lost River, the movie he just directed. "Just nuts," he joked about his reaction. "Hulking your shirt off and starting swinging." Perhaps a shirtless Ryan Gosling would be more distracting than a phone in this case, but we won't question it as long as the cameras were rolling on him when it happened. Since this was such a short clip, I thought it'd be better to explore his internal reactions based on some of his best movies, mostly because everyone could use some good Gosling GIFs to brighten up their day.

I Can't Believe This Happened

It's too early for this.

Maybe I'm Dreaming It? This Is A Nightmare


There's No Way I Didn't Put My Phone On Silent

It's always on silent. Did my pocket do this?

I Must Look Like Such An Idiot

I'm just going to throw my phone across the room now, bye.

Yeah, He's Judging Me

I'd judge me, too.

What Were You Thinking?

No more cell phones in interviews. I'm throwing away my cell phone.

I'm Just So, So Sorry

This is going to go viral.

This Will Never Happen Again

Goodbye, phone. Goodbye, Siri.

Maybe I'll Just Laugh It Off

A good shirtless Hulk joke will do the trick.

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