Long-Distance Runners Have A High Sex Drive, Says New Study, Because (Finger) Size Matters, People

If you’re looking to score yourself someone with a high sex drive, then you better start dating endurance runners or start looking at the fingers of everyone you meet. Although it’s long been thought (pun!) that penis size and finger length go hand-in-hand, a new study has found that while there’s no definitive conclusion in regards to one’s penis, there is a link between finger length and sexual endurance, for both men and women. Yes, this is where you look down at your hand and wonder aloud, “Me?”

The study examined the finger lengths of half-marathon runners and found a common trait amongst the fastest: They all had a ring finger that was either the same length as their index finger or even a bit longer than it. From that bizarre aspect of the study, the researchers found that people with those types of fingers have a pretty intense sex drive because they were exposed to higher amounts of testosterone while in utero. Again, this goes for both men and women.

So not only does that healthy dose of prenatal testosterone make you capable of going the distance in a race, but also capable (and more than willing) to go the distance in bed. Personally, just the thought of all that endurance is exhausting.

As is usually the case with these things, it comes back to our ancestors. Without the luxury of such groundbreaking creations like pizza and ice cream, our forefathers had to do it all themselves and it likely involved a lot of running around ― it’s not like the deer was just going to come to roll on up to them while they were sitting around the reminiscing about the days before the wheel was invented. Those who could adequately provide (ie. kill a wooly mammoth or two) were obviously seen as catches in the community, so of course their sexual prowess would have to be something special.

But before those of us with short fingers start freaking out about our skills in bed, keep in mind that endurance is something that can be enhanced through training. While this doesn’t mean you can get out there and run the Boston Marathon anytime soon, but it does mean that with practice and effort, you can up your bedroom game in no time. You are not a lost cause. Promise.

Images: Joe D/Flickr; Giphy(2)