Vanessa's Opening Night Look Is Goth & Classy

There are a few celebrities that embody that "cutesy-ness with a hint of badass" vibe. Vanessa Hudgens' opening night look for Gigi proved that she is totally one of those people. The once Disney-star looked stunning from the stage all the way to the after party (much of which is thanks to her hot new haircut).

The star of the famed Broadway remake wore a long Alice + Olivia strapless gown that has so much stunning detail. Bringing together a hint of green, a faded pink, and a ruby red (that matches her lips), the color palette almost isn't what you'd expect at the turn of the season. But paired with her blunt bob, dark eyes, and little black choker, it gives off the perfect mix of sweet and daring.

I've never been one to associate Hudgens with words like dark, goth, or even daring. But there's something about the look, as a whole, that I find irresistible (minus the rings). It totally changes the way I see her. Instead of remembering the little girl from High School Musical, I see a glamorous starlet, fit for her upcoming role.

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

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