Dover Street Market Gets A Surreal Transformation

Well, this is fun. Dover Street Market got a surreal transformation for Undercover. It looks like the love child of Salvador Dali and Lewis Carroll’s imaginative minds, and I absolutely love it. Jun Takahashi created an eerie, youthful installation that has the innocent, yet twisted themes of Alice in Wonderland mixed in with the surrealism of Dali’s artwork.

The pieces that were on display included two springtime pastel dresses with crisp off-the-shoulder cut offs and connected collars. The two dresses are totally schoolgirl-like and they look as though they were inspired by the dresses from the American one-room school houses. The other two pieces are edgier moto-inspired outfits, which contrast heavily against the pastel dresses. The blatant contrasts go perfectly with Undercover’s installation theme, because both the visual theme and the dresses have a mixture of sweet innocence and a darker, underlying aspect.

Takahashi’s installation was meant to tell “the story of an innocent girl who grows up to be a strong and independent woman by going through various experiences, yet at times, she shows the insane part of herself." As interesting and bizarre as that concept may be, I think he established the theme flawlessly.

But this installation wasn’t just to showcase Takahashi’s brilliance, but to also give another chance for people to purchase the graphic tees, sweatshirts, and totes at DSM’s New York location.

Images: cereallll_/Instagram; atpdsm/Instagram