Update On The U.S. Census Bureau Shooting

A security guard was shot in his upper body while standing outside the U.S. Census Bureau headquarters in Suitland, Maryland, just outside of Washington, D.C. Soon after, reports from NBC Washington stated that the gunman was barricaded at the headquarters. An update on the shooting at the U.S. Census Bureau headquarters show that there were several gunshots from a parking garage, according to reporters on the scene who were tweeting live. Local and federal emergency responders were on the scene, a sniper team arrived in Suitland, SWAT was assisting, the FBI is investigating, and even the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives was there. Update: The guard, identified as Lawrence Buckner, died Thursday night at a Cheverly, Maryland, hospital. During a police chase, the gunman was reportedly shot multiple times by authorities. His condition is unknown.

The whole area was on lockdown, and the bangs heard from the parking garage have not yet been explained by police. NBC Washington reporter Shomari Stone reports that it sounded like either gunfire or flash bangs. Meanwhile, according to Fox 5 reporter Rick Boone, police told reporters it was still an active area, stating on a loud speaker, "There's an active shooter on the compound, stay away from windows, until he's found."

Reporters on the scene around 9 p.m. stated that the situation appeared to be over, and an announcement on the loud speaker told employees they could leave the building.

According to NBC Washington, the situation initially began when the alleged gunman rammed the gates of the U.S. Census Bureau headquarters. At some point during the incident, NBC reports, the gunman allegedly fled from the security guard and shot him in the upper body area, reportedly either in his chest or abdomen.