Who Is That Guys In The Nature Valley Commercial? You're Used To Seeing Ben Bailey Behind The Wheel

While watching a recent episode of The Real Housewives of Melbourne, I heard a familiar voice emit from the television speakers during the commercial break. My eyes darted from my phone screen to my TV screen. Could it be? Yes, it could. And it was. It was who I thought I heard: Cash Cab ’s Ben Bailey is in a Nature Valley Nut Crisp bar commercial. From 2005 to 2012, the Emmy-winning game show host drove around New York City in a taxi cab decked out with an interior that lit up like a discotheque dance floor. He surprised unsuspecting passengers with four magical words: “You’re on Cash Cab”. And with that, a trivia game began. Even if you lost the game, you were still a winner because, duh, free cab ride. Who is going to get mad at a free cab ride? Awesome consolation prize. It really is one of the best game shows of our time.

Man. I miss that program. But you know what? At least the reruns still exist. At least I can watch hours upon hours of Cash Cab episodes that’ve seen before (thanks to my feeble memory, I can’t recall any of the answers, so it’s pretty much like seeing the eps for the first time).

Currently picturing a version of Cash Cab called Crisp Cab where the contestants' reward is a pile of Nature Valley Nut Crisp bars. All of the questions are related to granola. Oh! Oh! And when the passengers first get settled in the cab, instead of being surprised by a dance floor ceiling, they'll be surprised by a sudden autumn leaf shower. I'd watch the crap outta that show.

Image: Abantec Official commercials /YouTube