What Are The Lyrics To 'Hart Of Dixie's Theme Song? They Should Be About Zoe's Life — VIDEO

Since Hart of Dixie is one of the best shows ever, it's probably on your mind all the time. Who can say no to Zoe and Lemon's amazing zingers, George's charms, and Lavon's words of wisdom? No one — that's who. While you're marathoning Zoe's adventures (and misadventures) in Alabama, you're probably going to get the catchy opening credits music stuck in your head. Even though it's only an instrumental on the show, it could be a full song offscreen. So, to better help you sing along, you may be wondering what the lyrics to the Hart of Dixie theme song are.

Trick question — there aren't any. This isn't a "real" song in that it was only composed for the show and doesn't exist in full with lyrics outside of what we hear at the beginning of each episode. Bummer, I know. Since there aren't any official words in the track, I've decided to create some of my own, based on the themes of Heart of Dixie and what the folk-country vibe of the banjo could mean. Since I can't use all of my energy wondering what will happen to the show now, might as well get creative with some songwriting.

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A Country Love Song

"I can't keep track/Of where you are/But you're always here/in my heart." Bonus points if it's really just "in my hart" as a moment of cheesiness for Wade.

An Ode To Friendship

"New places, old spaces/New faces, time chases/Me right back to you." Sometimes this means Zoe chasing Lavon around when he makes a mess, or just because she needs a hug.

Overcoming Obstacles & Complicated Cases

"Don't try to run me out of town/Unless I dart first/We'll keep each other in check/Unless the patient bursts." Was really going for a rhyme with this one, sorry.

Upbeat Song With Sad Lyrics

Even though the banjo screams happiness, there can be hidden sadness in the tune. "Will I ever find love?/Is there something wrong with me?/We can't have it all/But could Bluebell be the place where I finally love me?"

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