Amber Rose Is So Not A Coachella Hippie

Fringe kiminos, peasant dresses, maxi skirts, and floral crowns? Nope, those Coachella cliches are way too mainstream for model Amber Rose, who wore a plaid crop top and matching skirt to kick off the festival. She's a woman who is infamous for her own, unique fashion sense. Rose has never been one to follow the Bible of Style, even while attending the California music festival that's famous for its hippie dippy dress code. No, Rose was dancing to the beat of her own drummer, showing up all those cookie-cutter, boho lookalikes.

A pencil skirt isn't something you'd exactly expect to see among all the flowy skirts and billowy lace tops at the Coachella fields, but leave it to Amber Rose to somehow make it work. And with a BDSM-inspired bra peeking out from beneath the sheerness of her top, she added a whole new spin on the "peace and love" mantra that totally defines the hippy-dippy festival.

Personal feelings about Rose aside (here's looking at you, Khloe Kardashian), you can't help but give kudos to the model for looking so much like herself in a place where everyone is trying to fit themselves into the boho mold, thanks to the dozens of designer collections created for exactly this purpose. Here's hoping we'll be seeing more doses of personal style and less boring old, been-there-done-that fringe and florals at music festivals to come.