Photo Series Explores Gunshot Survivors

When we often learn of unfortunate situations that result in someone getting injured, we often call them victims. Although it might be politically correct, sometimes it causes us to turn a blind eye to the people that survive, and the stories that they go on to live and tell. Photographer Kathy Shorr is shifting the conversation from victim to survivor in her new photo series "SHOT," which is explores the survivors of gunshots.

Shorr's photo series features people who have been shot be stray bullets, and some with intended bullets. A woman from Dallas stands near a tree, and though it doesn't appear that she has been shot, she actually was--by a stray bullet that flew from the house next door while she was sitting in the living room watching television. Another woman stands next to a window in just her bra and a large scar runs from her neck to her navel. She was shot by her ex-husband 14 times while picking up her children from nursery school. Other women are in wheelchairs. Some have been shot in the head. The series is so moving, not because of pity, but because of the perseverance that is illuminated by each inspiring photo.

According to Refinery29 , Shorr's goal for her "SHOT" series is to start a conversation, one that she feels she wants to begin, but doesn't have to be a part of. "It's not me who has to say something about it," she tells Refinery29. "I think the voice of the survivor is the voice that has to be heard."

Although her project has received much attention, Shorr isn't finished yet. She is currently fundraising so that she can travel to capture more survivors. Her goal is to take photos of 100 survivors that she hopes to compile into a book and foster more dialogue on the issues of gun violence.