'Game Of Thrones' Weddings & Coachella Have A Ton In Common, And Here's Proof

If you’re one of the people stuck at home celebrating the cheekily dubbed #couchella, AKA scrolling on your Instagram, snuggled in your blanket-like sweater, and grimacing as you view all the pictures that show everyone but you enjoying the mythical looking music festival, don’t fret. Because while those celebrities and the like at Coachella 2015 are sweating in the middle of the desert, all fancied up, you get to watch the Game of Thrones premiere Sunday night. And, you’re able to embrace it looking as unkempt as you'd like. Because let’s be real here...what on Earth is better than that?

If my attempts at comfort aren’t able to quench your FOMO thirst, though, think of it this way. As a Game of Thrones fan, you’ve already attended Coachella a few times over. What’s that, you say? You’ve never even been to California? Well, okay maybe you haven’t physically gone to the festival, but you certainly have attended a GOT wedding a few times over now, and you know what? They’re basically the same thing. Think about it, people. The parallels are almost too uncanny to ignore.

So, you know what? I won’t ignore them. If you want to check out pictures of your fave celebs at Coachella below, you can also get an education as to why this very event has been a Weseteros tradition for eons.

Hardcore mackin'

Statement making hair dos

All sorts of high society intermingling

Bumpin' live music


And sometimes, there's even a khaleesi in attendance

Images: HBO (7); multi-fandom-freak/Tumblr