Twitter Is Psyched About #HillarysBigAnnouncement

On Sunday afternoon Hillary Clinton officially announced her 2016 presidential run, and though her impending candidacy has been assumed for years now, the official news feels super exciting for fans. The news first leaked via an email to donors, followed by an official announcement video that hinted at Clinton's strategy to target a diverse array of voters and her intention to earn the votes of American people — rather than assume they are hers for the taking, as some criticized of her 2008 campaign. But there are those people who are already on the Hillary bandwagon, and those people don't need any convincing. Ecstatic Hillary advocates took to Twitter on Sunday afternoon to express their support.

A lot of the excited Twitter reactions appear to be coming from Millennials, which is a boon for Clinton since mobilizing that voter base could be crucial for victory in 2016. There's much speculation that Clinton's campaign will be a modern, digitally focused one — CNN observed that her announcement video seems to be made with cell-phone viewing in mind, perhaps in a bid to appeal to the social media savvy voters who may help drive the conversation around and outcome of this election.

To echo the general sentiment of Twitter right now... YAAAAASSS!