Outside Hillary's Campaign HQ On Announcement Day

Guys, the day we've all been waiting for since the possibility of a woman holding America's highest office seemed incredibly real has finally — finally — arrived. That's right: Hillary Clinton announced Sunday she was running for president, and we're pumped. Hillary fans, of course, were brimming with excitement, as shown in the mountain of Clinton tweets that erupted immediately upon her announcement.

But what was going on at the Hillary Clinton campaign headquarters in Brooklyn, New York? Located by Tillary and Clinton Streets (how almost unbearably precious is that?) in the city's most populous borough, the HQ wasn't quite brimming with excited Clinton fans, but the handful of them waiting outside the building were definitely excited at the possibility of catching a glimpse of the formidable politician, whose resume — in case you needed reminding — includes former New York state Senator, former Secretary of State, and former First Lady.

Clinton herself was, unfortunately, nowhere to be seen, nor was anyone from her campaign team. Members of the media stationed themselves outside the building for hours, next to anti-Hillary flags featuring her face and the words "Don't Say Entitled" and "Don't Say Secretive" that were strategically placed on traffic poles close to the building.

Carmen Applewhite, a public school teacher, and Vincent Bergamaschi spoke to Bustle about their support for Clinton.

But the most outwardly excited supporters were real estate lawyer Risa Levine and Tom D'Angora, a theater producer, who were both donned in Clinton gear and enthusiastically touted the presidential candidate's merits.

Image: Jessica Blankenship (4)