Who Did Judd Apatow Go To The MTV Movie Awards With? Iris Is Too Cute — PHOTOS

Judd Apatow is certainly a staple at award shows — he’s one of the biggest writer/producer/directors in the industry, not to mention in history. Naturally, he needs someone to accompany him to all the ceremonies he attends, and, boy, does he have his choice of lovely ladies from which to choose: His wife, actress Leslie Mann; his eldest daughter, Maude; or his youngest daughter, Iris. Guess who was on Apatow’s arm at the MTV Movie Awards Sunday? It was Iris! This is pretty big, because it’s usually Mann or Maude who gets to go to these fun things.

Don’t big sisters get all the fun? (Spoken as a big sister, yes. We do have all the fun.) Sixteen-year-old Maude has a huge Twitter following, writes for the website HelloGiggles, and gets to go to the award shows? That’s just too much. It’s Iris’ turn to shine, and she’s certainly coming into her own.

Apatow and Mann’s daughters have a habit of appearing in his movies — both girls starred in both Knocked Up and its sequel, This Is 40. Iris and Maude also appeared in Funny People, starring Adam Sandler and Seth Rogen. It’s really nice that Apatow makes his films a family affair. No need to worry about childcare if the kids are with you! Could it be awkward to be with your dad at a baudy, irreverent award show like the MTV Movie Awards, especially with a shocking comedian like Amy Schumer hosting? Well, yeah. Definitely.

But I bet Iris will take it in stride. She’s 13, but 13 year olds know more about all of that stuff than I do. Welcome to adulthood, Iris! You’re a woman now. It’s your time to mingle with the random celebrities who go to the MTV Movie Awards, so I hope you enjoy it.

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