The 13 Prettiest Flower Crowns On Instagram

I know that we're all still groaning over excessive Coachella Instagrams and reluctant FOMO (get ready for weekend two, suckers). The thought of another care-free, beachy-waved girl in cutoffs, a crocheted crop top, and pretty flower crown might put you over the edge — but hear me out. Year after year, the flower crown returns. Other (sometimes super non-PC) headwear and festival trends have thankfully died down, but flower crowns are eternal. I think this is because we'd all secretly like to be wearing flower crowns in our daily lives, but would rather look like functioning adults (usually). Festival fashion rules are loose to say the least, and offer a welcome excuse to pull out the accessories we might otherwise deem a little too much.

Of course festivals aren't the only time for flower crowns. Weddings, proms, birthdays, summer soirees, luaus (typical Friday, you know), and other less-than-usual occasions can also lure flowers from the garden to your head. My high school even had a senior "ring ceremony" where each girl wore a crown of yellow roses and accepted their class ring in front of 500 family members (not cult-y at all).

Although you can find flower crowns everywhere from H&M to couture shows these days, that doesn't mean you should settle for convenience. With flower crown options at an all time high, quality is key to statement-making and maximum fairy princess-ing. These 13 picks from Instagram represent the best of the best, and will make you look anything but basic. Effortless waves and contemporary peasant top optional.

1. The Lush Jewel Tones

2. The Wild Flowers

3. The Field Of Dreams

4. The Half Crown

5. The Sunny Blooms

6. The Tropical Princess

7. The Same Same But Different

8. The Leafy Greens

9. The Wildflowers

10. The Solo Feature

11. The Blue & Cream

12. The Mini Blossoms

13. The Cactus Crown

Image: CrownsByChristy/Instagram