Watch Amy Poehler's Sweet 'Parks and Rec' 100th Episode Speech & Fall Deeper in Love

No, that's not a tear in my eye — just allergies. Just hush and pay attention to this: During Parks & Recreation's 100th episode party last week, Amy Poehler apparently gave a super-sweet speech to the cast and crew in front of their genius waffle table cake, and thankfully, Entertainment Tonight's got the footage to so we can all get teary-eyed. From allergies, of course. God knows we all need something up cheer us up after that terrible news that NBC is going to put Parks & Rec on hiatus until basically 2014:

If anyone knows me, they know I'm a numbers guy. So, I'm just going to talk today about the numbers, the hard facts about this show a 1,000 episodes in. We have written 3,300 pages, we have had, since we started, at least a dozen babies born, half of them by me. We have employed 530 actors, not including the actors behind me, one vice-president, three U.S. senators, one former speaker of the house, one Heisman trophy runner-up, we have had 31 writers, 30 of them excellent, we have had 22 people in our crew who have worked on every episode, we've had 536 sets in eight cities and two continents, we have shot 3,700 camera rolls, 70 gallons of foundation has been used from our make-up trailer, 1,300 tubes of lip gloss, 13,000 hair extensions, 50 AA batteries for Chris Pratt's fan, 40,000 index cards, 21 episodes were directed by Dean Holland, 16 appearances by Jean-Ralphio, three Pawnee city managers, and three different character names for for Jim O'Heir.

And there are also 525,600 minutes in a non-leap year. Damn. You can check out the video below.