Funny Or Die's Hillary Clinton Press Conference Highlights Rampant Sexism In The Media In The Funniest Way Yet — VIDEO

All Hillary everything, all the time, every day. At least, that's how it feels right now. And to be honest, I kind of never want this feeling to end. Do you? Since Hillary Clinton announced her candidacy for president yesterday, it's hard to talk about anything else, and Funny or Die has captured the mood with their video highlighting the inherent sexism people attach to Secretary Clinton's run. Starring Missi Pyle as Hillary's representative at a press conference, the hilarious actress (whose turn as the girl Ross dates who has the black light on Friends will live forever in my heart) field questions from an all male press, all based on how Hillary's female traits will effect her presidency, should she be instated.

The questions cover everything from what will happen when Hillary needs to clean up and do the dishes after a State dinner, to (my favorite) what would happen if Hillary got pregnant and gave birth while in office (will the baby also be president!?) the video highlights exactly how ridiculous it is to question someone's ability to govern based on their gender, as well as what it would be like if stereotypes about the roles of women were applied to the notion of a woman in the White House. As Missi Pyle reiterates: It will be exactly the same as it is with a male president. Exactly the same. When she melts down about how all the questions are based on gender, however, she gets hit with a heavy drone question, which causes her to backtrack on her admonishment of gender-based questions, further proving that everything really will be exactly the same with Clinton as it is with every other presidential candidate:

Watch the whole hilarious debacle below:

Here are some other snooze-worthy Hillary related lines of questioning:

1. Anything to do with her multiple email accounts

NEXT. Please, NEXT. Hillary's email scandal is the new "deflate gate" and you all should be ashamed because that's a sports thing, which tells you exactly how juvenile and ludicrous this entire line of scrutiny has become.

2. Anything to do with Monica Lewinksy

Let it go. Hillary has.

3. Anything to do with "who she's wearing"

As far as I know, no one ever asked Obama who he was wearing (although we did always know who Michelle was wearing). Also, can we stop using "who" and start using "what" to talk about clothes?

4. Anything to do with her age

No, Hillary is not "too old" to run. This is sort of questioning is rooted in gender bias as well: Men don't have don't have an age cap on their worth and ability, and neither do women.

5. If she thinks she might lose

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. No. No one thinks that.

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