Kate Bosworth's Weird Braid Is SO Coachella

People love to make fun of Coachella. It's kind of the same deal as the Kardashians; people love to hate on things that are fabulous and expensive. Are we all just jealous? Probably. In any case, Coachella is humorously known for its hippy-ish, barely-there clothing and accessories (and celebrity appearances). But Kate Bosworth's new middle part braid? It's the most Coachella thing EVER. Also, it's pretty fabulous in general. Really complicated and totally confusing? Yes, but still really cool.

Ever seen a middle part braid before? No? Me neither. It's like business on the side, party on the top...middle, which I guess is pretty cool. But I mean it's Coachella we're talking about here. Braids are expected, along with distressed denim, turquoise jewelry, and apparently zero employment. Really, though, does anyone who goes to Coachella work? The thing goes on for, like, weeks, and everyone just continues to post their sunset-filtered bohemian Instagrams like the real world doesn't exist. But I digress. Back to Kate's braid. The actress paired the middle part braid with a messy baby bun, and left a bunch of hair down. It's tousled, cool, and looks surprisingly effortless.

Having said that, I have absolutely no idea how the braid was actually executed. But, hey, that's why the Internet exists.

According to reports, braid stylist (it's a thing) Bridget Brager created the look and there's a "trick" to creating the braid. Now, I can barely handle a regular braid let alone a middle part braid creation, so the idea of creating it is a little daunting. Now to wait for the YouTube tutorial...