SJP Wears Statement Sweatshirt For A Cause

Sarah Jessica Parker can make anything look good. It's a fact. She was recently spotted in NYC wearing nothing more than a sweatshirt and jeans, but of course she still effortlessly rocked the look, while doing so for a good cause. SJP was seen not wearing just any old sweatshirt, either. Sarah Jessica Parker was wearing a G-Star RAW Happy Oceans, Happy Life sweatshirt. Because she's not just a fashionista, she's an environmentalista, too—if that's even a thing.

Where is that sweatshirt from and what does it mean, you ask? The sweatshirt can be found at Bloomingdale's for $180 and is part of a collaboration with Pharrell Williams. But this isn't your average graphic type of sweatshirt. RAW for the Oceans is a collaborative project that uses plastic found in the ocean to make it into wearable jeans and other apparel, according to the RAW for the Oceans website. And yes, SJP is rocking one of those pieces of apparel made out of recycled ocean material.

The sweatshirt's statement and material relate to the movement to clean up the ocean in order for ocean life to remain happy and safe in their natural habitat. The material used for the sweatshirt is actually a cotton called Bionic yarn that is made up of 33 percent of reclaimed plastic found in the ocean (talk about eco-conscious fashion!)

"I have a connection with the ocean. It yields so much life including our own. So we owe it," Williams said on the RAW for the Oceans site. Williams is also teaming up with G-Star on a documentary called The Plastic Age, which follows them as they figure out how to repurpose all of the waste in the Pacific Ocean.

If you're passionate about cleaning up the ocean and also just want to wear something that you can say SJP wore, then head over to Bloomingdale's or to RAW for the Oceans to check out more of the collection!

Images: Getty Images (1)