Lady Gaga's Singing About "Venus," But All I Hear Is Penis

With Lady Gaga releasing song after leaked song, the snippet of Lady Gaga's new track "Venus" and its accompanying rainbow-scorpion video might get lost in the mix. The teaser is artsy, but the song makes very little sense lyrically. The first 40-some seconds don't seem to fit into the general vibe of the pop star's upcoming album, ARTPOP, but, without an entire video, it's hard to judge it as fully as we've judged her other releases. But, despite the overtly sexual connotations in most of her other recent songs (and the fact that Gaga dressed as Venus in her "Applause" video), I was still surprised to hear what I did while listening to the clip of "Venus": Even though I researched the lyrics — and listened to the song several times — I still can't help but hear Gaga uttering "Penis" instead of "Venus."

I promise you would too: If you read the lyrics for "Venus," it's clear there is a parallel being drawn between space and gods and sexuality or whatever, but listen to the song and I promise that all you'll hear is, "Take off to the planet / off to the planet / penis." It's hard not to. In the chorus she then sort of compares herself to Aphrodite (um ok... although in "Swine" she talks about a kind of disgust to do with lust, let's just go with this confused metaphor though) and says something about "garden panty" which would totally be a great play on the term "garden party" except it makes no damn sense. Unless this is what she's referring to.

But what exactly is Lady Gaga getting at? Does she want penis? Does she not? We're not really talking about "blasting off" to planets and interplanetary garden panties are we? Lady Gaga, what exactly are you talking about?

I think it's penises. Or something else.

Image: Lady Gaga/Twitter