Kanye West's Best Man Will Be a Hologram, There's Just No Other Option

The greatest, most influential, most important wedding of our lifetime, and our children's lifetime, is upon us. Now that Kanye West proposed to Kim Kardashian, their wedding isn't far behind — some sources claim that Kimye don't want to have a long engagement and are in a hurry to make it official. It's like, why take some time to get to know one another in this very intimate engagement phase when you can just skip all that stuff and plan an over the top party! In your honor! We've already contemplated what their big day will be like, but there's now a rumor regarding who Kanye will choose for his best man, and people? The rumors are fantastic.

Naughty but Nice Rob claims that Kanye is considering three men for the role, two of whom are dead, and one of whom is himself.

Told you it was fantastic.

Here's the deal. Kanye thinks Rob Kardashian Sr., who died in 2003, would be a fitting best man. He thinks it'd be a "really cool gesture," and if Senior was his best man, then Kim can chose her mother, Kris Jenner, as her maid of honor, so that she doesn't have to choose between her sisters. As much as I hate to admit it, that's a sweet idea, and a practical one, at that.

The other man in the running? Kanye's idol and Apple genius, Steve Jobs, who died in 2011. Yeezus loves the out of the box idea of having a dead icon witness his wedding to a reality TV star from one of the most polarizing families in the business, no matter what Jobs might think.

And if those two deceased individuals can't make it, well, Kanye would like himself to be his own best man, because as he sees it, there's no one better than him. After all, Kanye is the the most influential and the most credible and he will change things. No one can top that.

But what I think this all boils down to is one, simple thing: Holograms. Neither Robert Kardashian Sr., nor Steve Jobs, nor Kanye can physically stand next to him as he exchanges vows with Kim, sooooo, pretty sure we're going to be treated to some amazing, NBC-Olympics-type holograms of either Senior, Jobs, or Kanye, next to Kanye.

I'll give an E! crew person $100 to switch out the Kanye best man hologram for the Tupac one from Coachella. One. Hundred. Dollars.