Who's Playing Harry Styles In The 1D Fanfic Movie?

When I consider that "One Direction fanfiction" not only exists but exists with fervor, all I can think is: what a time to be alive. And now, thanks to the manic success of the Fifty Shades Of Grey movie (which came from E.L. James' Twilight fanfiction), After, a One Direction fanfiction from WattPad written by Anna Todd, is gonna make it to the big screen, too. America: the land of opportunity. But, now the question becomes: Who will play Harry Styles in the One Direction fanfiction movie? Could anybody really do justice to Harry Styles by playing his role in the film? It's a tough job because Styles is just so unique, but somebody's got to do it — and so, I have some ideas.

Here's a rough synopsis of After, in case you are unfamiliar, which the Guardian notes has the same 'erotic tone' as Fifty Shades:

The 583-page tome that is After centres on the relationship of an innocent American college freshman who meets a British man named Hardin Scott – the publishers chose not call him Harry Styles in print, but the connection becomes clear early on as the reader is introduced to an array of characters whose names knock off the rest of the One Direction crew and encounters detailed descriptions of Scott’s Styles-esque tattoos.

Well... I have to tip my proverbial hat to anything that gets kids a-readin'.

So who's gonna play Harry/Hardin? People's Choice pegged Dylan O'Brien, who shook it off, but there are some other great contenders.

Adrien Grenier


So the age difference between Grenier and Harry Styles is pretty vast, but look me straight in the eyes and tell me they don't resemble each other. Also, who better than Grenier to really ramp up that "erotic tone?"

Joseph Gordon-Levitt


Because he's got a cute little baby face that would be right at home in a boy band, and besides, if makeup and prosthetics can make JGL look like a young Bruce Willis, they can make him look like Harry Styles.

Daniel Radcliffe


Because he has the accent DOWN.

Dylan O'Brien

Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Even though he doesn't want to do it... hey, I see the resemblance.

This Guy

Ladies and gents, the man who quit college to be a full-time Harry Styles look-alike: Aron Dale.

The Man Himself

Christopher Polk/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Who says that Harry Styles wouldn't step up to the plate and play himself in After? Fans would probably all go into shock if he accepted the role, but stranger things have happened, (like Zayn Malik's abrupt exit from One Direction, for instance). It would be perfect casting, you have to admit.

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