Kim Kardashian Is A Fan Of Spanx

Kim Kardashian has done a lot in the name of curves (including publicly sharing an x-ray of her rump) and while she's no stranger to showing them off, she does sometimes rely on shapewear just like the rest of us. During an interview with Who What Wear, Kim Kardashian shared she loves spanx and all body-shapers.

"I’m a really big fan of undergarments, I do wear Spanx and all that stuff, those body-shapers. I am a big fan of stuff like that." As are we all, Kim.

Kim K. recently dished to the Who What Wear team about her iconic shape and how she likes to show it off. The truth is, looking fabulous and confident is a conceal-and-reveal balancing act that no one does better than Kim.

"I think it’s just about figuring out what you truly like on your body, and how to accentuate that...It just depends on what it is you're trying to hide and highlight,"

Kim divulged to Who What Wear.

While we don't completely agree with Kim about hiding any parts of our bodies, we are totally on board with her M.O. about flaunting what our mama gave us. That is a lesson that we can definitely learn from Mrs. Kardashian-West!

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