14 Baby Otters Doing Cute Baby Otter Things Because Life Is Hard And You Deserve This Right Now — VIDEO

If you don't think baby otters are the best animals, first, let me just say that you are wrong. Second, you CLEARLY didn't watch PB&J Otter as a kid (sorry not sorry for getting "The Noodle Dance" stuck in your head forever). They are indisputably some of the cutest lil buddies on the planet, made only cuter by their inherent playfulness and healthy respect for Benedict Cumberbatch. Seriously, I'm pretty sure if I actually had a Patronus, it would be an otter (and not just because I'm obsessed with Hermione Granger). Has anybody seen a happier critter in all the world?

In fact, if I were going to pick one fault of otters, it's the fact that they aren't everywhere I am at all times. Moment of silence for all the otters I'm not fist-bumping on the sidewalk on the way to work. The good news: The internet's got our back on the otter front, and has done a marvelous job of compacting all their cuteness into bite-sized YouTube videos that we can all enjoy in our otherwise land-lubber lives. So sit back, relax, and enjoy a series of baby otters so cute that they will probably give you cavities. WARNING: You will probably "d'awwwww" at your computer screen.

1. This baby otter who squeaks when he is introduced to water

Amazing World on YouTube

2. This baby otter learning to swim

Oregon Zoo on YouTube

3. This baby otter playing with her toys

Shedd Aquarium on YouTube

4. This entire litter of squeaking baby otters that should basically start their own choir

ZooBorns on YouTube

5. This baby otter playing with her ball

Misspippylou on YouTube

6. These baby otters frolicking in a bath tub

Dan Kidder on YouTube


FilmFors on YouTube

8. This baby otter challenging a stuffed walrus

Misspippylou on YouTube

9. This baby otter eating a chestnut

squall9588 on YouTube

10. This baby otter who thinks he's a dog

Jck Holmes on YouTube

11. This baby otter sneezing

KatieOtter501 on YouTube

12. This otter and kitten who are besties

DeadlinenewsTV on YouTube

13. These baby otters playing with a puppy

Dan Kidder on YouTube


The90stvfan on YouTube