New 'OITNB' Clip Addresses Vee's Fate

Amidst all the rumors that Vee Parker is returning to Orange Is the New Black, Netflix just released the first Season 3 Orange is the New Black clip that further confirms we can't take Vee's supposed "death" as fact. At the end of OITNB Season 2, the villainous Vee Parker was run over by the prison van and seemed pretty dead. But, like with all things in life, looks can be deceiving.

When the OITNB Season 3 trailer hit the web, fans were quick to point out that a woman who looked a lot like Vee was in the cafeteria. It's been rumored that the character would be returning to the show, with TMZ reporting last October that actress Lorraine Toussaint was on set.

It seems TMZ might have been right, because Netflix's new clip shows Poussey and Crazy Eyes arguing over whether or not Vee is really dead. It's the kind of argument that's perfect foreshadowing for the character's return. "Everybody be saying that b**** got smushed like a bug on a windshield," Poussey tells Crazy Eyes while they're in the cafeteria. But Crazy Eyes doesn't believe her. "You're a liar! She's fine! Vee is fine! She's coming back for me!" she shouts in return.

In any other circumstance, it would have been easy to write off the exchange as Crazy Eyes just being, well, crazy. But, after what we saw in the trailer, I think she's onto something here.

Or is she? Is Vee really dead? And, if she isn't dead, did she come back for Crazy Eyes the way Suzanne clearly believes that she will in this clip? Good thing we only have to wait until June 12 to learn the truth.

Images: Netflix (2)